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1.Order wait time?: In-stock and ready-to-ship items ship on Fridays and Mondays. If an item is out of stock, there can be a 2-3 week wait time, as all jewelry is hand-made in house.

2.How do I order gold teeth?: Due to the labor time and logistics of crafting high quality products, a consultation is required to commission gold teeth. We will discuss design, budget, and deadlines. There will be limited times to order gold teeth through the webstore, and these occasions will be announced via social media. In-person fitting events will be announce via social media as well.

3.What is the production time for custom jewelry and design?: Production times vary project to project. Turn-aroud is based on design and materials. In general, custom projects have a minimum 6 week production time.

4.What metals do you work with?: All ready-to-ship and production line items are produced in .925 sterling silver or 14k gold.
Gold teeth are produced in 14k or 18k gold by request. For custom design, brass and other metals are available.


5.Can ready-to-wear jewelry be customized?: Unfortunatly to keep wait times down, ready-to-wear designs are sold as-is with no customization or size changes.

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