1. Order wait time: due to the hand crafted nature of each piece there is a production time of 3-10 weeks depending upon design and current workload from the time a useable mold is received for production.

  2. Refund policy:  We do not offer refunds on custom orders and gold teeth due to the hand and custom made nature of our work.

  3. Do you use natural opal for inlays: After quite some time experimenting with natural stones the delicate nature of opal proved to have longevity issues that can be avoided by using lab grown material. 

  4. What karat gold do you use?: or standard is 14k but can work in 18k and 22k as well.

  5. What happens if my piece doesn’t fit?: while it’s rare there are sometimes anatomical issues that can affect fit quality, please contact us as soon as possible so we can walk you through fit adjustments or send a mold kit and return label for you to send your piece back for adjustment.