gold teeth


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process for getting a gold tooth? 
         Once you place your order we will mail you a mold kit with all the instructions and materials so that you can take your own bite impression, you then mail that impression back to us and we create your caps and mail you your finished product.

  2. What is your turn around time?

         Our standard turn around time for most orders is 6-8 weeks but stone inlay pieces such as opal teeth are typically 8-10 weeks. For teeth orders this timeline starts upon us receiving a successful mold kit, for all other orders it begins when we receive payment.

  3. What is the status of my order?
        Please help us to better maintain turnaround times by refraining from contacting us about an order if it is within the quoted time frame. (If you are not sure what your turn around time is please see #2) We get many emails each day inquiring about order updates and while we appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and we understand you are eager to receive your order, we are a small business and time is precious.

  4. What are the "rules" for wearing gold teeth?
         While there are no rules for how you style your teeth, we now have a Wear and Care page with adjustment tips and good habits to keep your gold teeth looking shiny and new! 

  5. How can I schedule an appointment?

         We offer in person consultations for orders over $5000 within the US, although if this is outside your budget have no fear! We do regular pop-ups in major cities all across the US! Tour dates for this year should be announced soon so go give us a follow on *Instagram* and make sure you have our post notifications turned on!

  6. How do I make a change to an order I've already placed?

         We do not currently allow design changes to be made to orders once production on an item has started, please take care when placing your order and fill out all paperwork on your mold kits.

  7. Do you accept trades for work?

         The short answer is No. We absolutely love that we have so much support from other creatives/creators but sadly trades don't keep our lights on.